The Menu

We are honored to serve you and hope you enjoy our from-scratch cooking and fresh bakery breads and desserts. We are proud to continue the tradition of Branson’s oldest restaurant and we would greatly appreciate your feedback on your dining experience with us.  Thank You!

Sandwiches And Burgers

Served with choice of One Regular Side. Substitute Specialty side for .99 cents. Add cheese to any sandwich or burger for .75 cents. Make any sandwich or burger even more delicious with BACON for 1.99. Dill pickle spear or bread & butter pickle slices available on request


Smoked Corned Beef, Swiss cheese, and Sauerkraut on Grilled Rye with Thousand Island dressing

White Tuna Albacore$6.49

Premium Albacore Tuna Salad made in house on White or Wheat Bakery Fresh Toast with lettuce and tomato

100% Beef Hot Dog$5.99

Not your average dog! Sliced length wise to fit and served on a toasted bun with grilled onions

Chili Dog$6.99

100% ALL BEEF Hot Dog with Dads Chili over the top. You’ll need your knife and fork!

French Dip$7.99

Our super tender Roast Beef on a toasted French bun served with Au Jus

Triple Decker Club$8.99

Triple Stacked with Ham, Turkey and Bacon, Swiss and American cheese on toasted bread with lettuce and Tomato

Classic Hamburger$6.99

A juicy burger at its best served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and bread & butter pickles

Yummy Cheeseburger$7.69

Classic Burger with choice of cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion and bread & butter pickles

Double Up$8.99

Hungry? Add a second patty to our Yummy Cheeseburger

Chili Cheeseburger$8.49

Topped with Dad’s Home-style Chili and cheddar cheese

Jalapeño Cheeseburger$7.99

Topped with grilled onions, jalapeños and pepper jack cheese with lettuce, tomato, and bread & butter pickles

Bacon Cheesburger$8.69

Topped with Hickory Smoked Bacon & choice of cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion and bread & butter pickles

Patty Melt$7.99

Swiss cheese, grilled onions served on grilled Rye bread

BBQ Brisket$7.29

Our own Beef Brisket chopped and smothered in BBQ sauce on a toasted bun

Pork Tenderloin$7.99

Fresh cut and hand breaded to order tenderloin served on toasted bun with lettuce and tomato

Hot Ham And Cheese$6.99

Deli thin sliced ham (or turkey) grilled hot with your choice of melted cheese on a toasted bun

Grilled Cheese$3.99

Grilled White or Wheat Bakery Fresh Bread with your choice of cheese

Grilled Tilapia$7.99

Select Premium Tilapia grilled on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, and Home-style tartar sauce on the side

Cafe BLT$6.99

Hickory Smoked Bacon, Crisp Lettuce and Tomato on Toasted White or Wheat Bakery Fresh Bread

Grilled Chicken Breast$7.49

Tender chicken breast on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato

Homestyle Entrees

All entrees include a Side Salad, Choice of 2 regular sides, and hot dinner roll may substitute specialty side for .99 cents each

Chopped Sirloin Steak$8.99

Grilled to order, smothered in onions and brown gravy

Fresh Fried Chicken$7.89

2 pieces of NEVER FROZEN, breaded and fried chicken to order with our secret breading.  4 pc $9.39 | Make it all White Meat for $1.00

Open Face Roast Beef$8.59

Juicy Roast Beef piled high on toasted bread with brown gravy

Country Fried Steak$8.99

The Classic, double tenderized BEEF STEAK breaded to order, fried and topped with Cream Gravy

Crispy Fried Shrimp$9.59

Eight large butterfly shrimp with cocktail sauce

BBQ Brisket$9.39

Our own Brisket, cooked to tender perfection sliced thick and drizzled with BBQ sauce

Grilled Chicken Breast$8.99

Boneless, skinless, lean and DELICIOUS!

Grilled Tilapia$8.99

Premium Tilapia, grilled to perfection

Pork Tenderloin$8.99

Tenderized and breaded, fried and topped with cream gravy

Crispy Chicken Tenders$7.99

Fresh cut and hand breaded, fried to a golden brown served with a dipping sauce

Soups And Salads

Served with crackers or hot roll

Soup Of The Day$2.99

Cup ~ 1.99

Dad’s Chili$3.99

Dad’s Delicious Home-style Chili is sure to hit the spot. A crowd pleaser for SURE!! Cup ~ 2.49

Frito Pie$6.99

Corn Chips, Dads Home-style Chili, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, relish, and onions. Half ~ 4.49


Crisp mixed greens with ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, and egg. Half ~ 4.99


All the goods from our CHEF salad but no meats for a lighter option

Grilled Chicken$7.49

Fresh Crisp mixed greens topped with grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, tomato, and onion

White Albacore Tuna$6.99

Crisp mixed greens topped with Tuna salad, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and onions


Items “From the Griddle” may not be available during the lunch hour

Breakfast Skillet$5.99

2 eggs any style on top of fried potatoes, crumbled sausage and sausage gravy with Biscuit or Toast

Cornmeal Mush$3.99

3 Thick Slices served with Butter and Syrup

Oatmeal or Grits

Add raisins for .50 cents

From The Griddle

Add a topping for .50 cents each (per cake)
One Pancake$1.99
Short Stack (2)$3.89
Stack of Three$4.29
French Toast$4.29

Country Breakfast

2 Eggs with Hash Browns and Toast or Biscuit
Any style$3.99
Smoked Bacon$6.99
Sausage Patties$6.99
Country Ham Steak$7.49
Country Fried Steak/Gravy$8.99

Three Egg Omelets

With Hash Browns and Toast or Biscuit
Cheddar Cheese$6.49
Ham & Cheese$7.49
Vegetable & Cheese$7.49

Hillbilly Eggs Benedict$8.99

Open faced English muffin topped with 2 Eggs, 2 slices of Ham and our Hollandaise Sauce

Biscuits And Gravy

1 Biscuit/Sausage Gravy$1.99
2 Biscuits/Sausage Gravy$3.29

Breakfast Special #1$5.99

2 small pancakes, 2 eggs any style, and 1 sausage patty

Breakfast Special #2$5.99

1 slice French toast, 2 eggs any style, and 1 sausage patty

Breakfast Special #3$5.99

1 biscuit & gravy, 2 eggs any style, and 2 bacon strips

Breakfast Specials #4$5.99

2 eggs any style, 2 bacon strips, and toast

Just For The Kiddos

10 and UNDER Please


with chips and pickle


with side and pickle


with side and pickle

Chicken Tenders$4.59

with side and pickle

Mini Corndog Bites$4.59

with side and pickle

Mac And Cheese$3.99

with pickle

Our Sides

Breakfast Sideliners

Buttered Toast$1.49
English Muffin$1.49
One Egg your style$1.49
Hash Browns$1.89
Bacon 3 slices$2.99
Sausage 2 patties$2.99
Cup of Fruit$2.49

Regular Sides

French Fries$1.79
Creamy Cole Slaw$1.79
Chips Made In House$1.79
Vegetable of the Day$1.79
Baked Beans$1.79
Cottage Cheese$1.79
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$1.79
Cup of Jell-O$1.79
Side Salad$1.79

Specialty Sides

Sweet Potato Fries $4.49
Sweet Potato Fries Side$2.49
Battered Onion Rings$6.99
Battered Onion Rings Side$3.99